May – 2021

Constellation Creative was dreamt of in 2009, born in 2017, and went full-time (rather unexpectedly, thanks to COVID) in May of 2020The past year, fortunately, afforded us tremendous growth, so we were able to give back. Starting a new tradition where each year we donate and contribute to our community. And we are so grateful for all of our existing and new clients who trust us to do right by their marketing. 

It turns out our experience can translate to growth across various industries. We look forward to working with new clients and helping more non-profits and businesses achieve growth goals.

P.S. This image is how we like to think our brain works when trying to solve problems and develop the best strategies.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to focus on high return-on-investment initiatives by integrating a data-informed approach to content and channels. As a general rule, we follow this ROI chart to map out how to approach marketing and advertising priorities.

And yes, we know that the Sales Funnel is old-school but so are we and many of our clients. We’re not embarrassed to be Xennials – OK Boomer.

Also – we really like rainbows (and unicorns).

Curating Creative Connections

We tend to be generalists and have been in business long enough to know that we cannot do everything as well as someone who is a specialist.  As a long-time industry leader, our creator, Maresa, has national, New Mexico, and Albuquerque connections in a variety of different specialties. If our expertise isn’t adequate for your project we’ll recommend another trusted expert to help you achieve your marketing goals and quality standards.

Content + Social Media

Graphic Designers

Photographers & Videographers

Developers & Programmers


Do Right

Do right by our clients to recommend the very best strategy for achieving maximum Return-on-Investment (ROI) to meet their goals based on their budget.

Make Magic

Make Magic

“Pull rabbits out of hats even when there are no rabbits and no hats.*”

No matter what graphic, content, and digital assets a client shows up with we will work with what is available and make it better.

*Sally Hogshead – our owner’s idol

Constant Learning

To continue to educate ourselves and our clients about technology, systems, and best practices in the advertising, marketing, and digital fields (with a hefty nod to legal requirements).

Ethics & integrity

OUR Values

We value traditional business ethics and will do our very best to serve our clients needs.

We believe in healthy boundaries and relationships with ourselves and our clients.

We strive to mix business and pleasure whenever possible and enjoy the great friendships and longtime client relationships we continue to foster.

We won’t bow down to bullies but know how to play nice with the biggies (Google, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Expedia). 

We don’t bother with fast fads or trends but rather proven ROI methods.

We do like to experiment but will recommend stopping initiatives that aren’t profitable even if that impacts our bottom line.

New Mexico is Home

We have national clients but choose to live and work in New Mexico. Why?

Green and Red Chile

This goes on everything, sushi, eggs, pizza – everything! And nothing in the world is like New Mexico chile ask any expat.

The Power of Manana

It’s marketing, not brain surgery; some things can and should truly wait until tomorrow.

Mercury Retrograde

We hate the effects but love that many in New Mexico know exactly what you mean when you say that phrase. Learn More

Diversity, Culture, Heritage, & History

We love living in a minority-majority state and all the beauty that comes with New Mexico’s diversity.  We reside in Albuquerque, which is the stolen indigenous ancestral homelands of the nineteen Puebloan nations that were shared with the Mescalero and Jicarilla Apache nations, the Utes, and later the Dine.

The Land of Enchantment

The mountains, deserts, and sunsets here are inspiring, magical, ancient, and sacred. (P.S. Don’t laugh at our rivers, and we won’t laugh at your mountains).

Come Visit - We'll hook you up!

If you are not in New Mexico, what are you waiting for? Come visit- but promise to check out our clients:

Ojo Spa Resorts 

Corkins Lodge 

Harwood Museum of Art in Taos

What's that background?

When you grow up attending a collective art display like the original burning manZozobra, founded in 1924

That is rooted on top of an older tradition of the Santa Fe Fiestas founded in 1712

That was rooted on top of ancient traditions of the Indigenous pueblo peoples since time immemorial 

It shapes your worldview.