Every wish ever granted started with desire and intention.

Magic Wish Cards


Magic Wish Card Instructions

Congratulations on receiving Magic Wish Cards. This website will give you very detailed instructions and warnings about the usage. Note that by making a wish you agree to our terms and conditions including only use Magic Wish Cards for good.


  1. Fill in the ____ on the other side.
  2. Hold the Magic Wish Card and envision your wish coming true.
  3. Give the Magic Wish Card 3 butterfly kisses.
  4. Decide what to do with your Magic Wish Card: save it, store it, burn it, bury it, forget about it in your pocket and wash it (good if your wish involves finding errant socks) – trust your intuition.

Will My Wish Come True?

That Depends...

Note that individual results may vary.

Think carefully about what you wish for.

One of the most annoying parts of both magic and being human is time. Your wish may come true tomorrow or 33 years from now. Due to this it is strongly recommended that you think carefully about what you wish for.

Before making your wish, we recommend:

  • Checking in with your heart about what you really need
  • Checking the alignment of the planets (especially that pesky Mercury)
  • Considering the ability for humans to get their sh*t together
  • Contemplate how much personal effort you want to put into manifesting the wish (i.e. if you wish to win the lottery but never purchase a ticket your wish is much less likely to come true)

One of the best ways to make sure your wish comes true is to share your magic with others

who need a little magic in their lives

Cautions & Warnings

Do not taunt Magic Wish Cards. The contents of Magic Wish Cards may be flammable and/or toxic and therefore probably should not be burned or at least burned in an outdoor open area.

Why Magic Wish Cards?

A note from Magic Wish Cards Creator, Maresa Irene Thompson:

The last several years were the most tumultuous in my life to date but coming out the other side I feel incredibly blessed to have landed into a blissful state where I once again prioritize art. The best way I know to enhance and increase blessings is to pass along magic to others (as well as to volunteer and donate).

On the 12th Anniversary of the Harwood Artist Trading Cards Project, I was inspired by how these lovely little artist cards have brought magic into my life over the years. To pass along that magic feeling I created Magic Wish Cards.

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2021:  Version 1 Cards 1-10 for Harwood Artist Trading Card Project 12th Anniversary

2022:  Version 2 – Cards for 2022 Magical New Years Wish

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