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It’s been wonderful to learn about the proud history of the NNMIEC organization and to help create a new, visually appealing, and highly functional website.

The new website better features your business and showcases the value that the NNMIEC community of licensed professionals brings to New Mexico.

We’d love to help you update your website to better tell the story of your business.

We offer current NNMIC Members and Partners a 10% discount on new website work contracted by November 1, 2021.

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Website questionarie

Is your website working?

Is it driving qualified traffic? 
10,000 visits from an international country aren’t helpful if you only service one country, region, state, or city.

Is your current webmaster challenging, or take forever to make simple updates to your site?

Is your content compelling?

Does your user experience design (UX) convert visitors to clients? How many new business leads does your website produce a month? How well does it serve your existing customers?

Does your website correctly resize on mobile, desktop, and tablets? Have you tried looking at your website on your phone? We bet the majority of your customers are.

Are your website analytics adequately configured? Do you look at your website reports to know where your visitors are coming from, how much time they are spending, and what actions they are taking to generate or service your business?

Is your website accessible for people who use screen-readers? Can people who have color-blindness read your text, buttons, and links? 

Do you have a privacy policy? Is it up to date with the current new laws?

If you answered No to any of the above questions, we can help.

New Work

Ephesus Office Technologies Website

The Disciplinary Board of the New Mexico Supreme Court Website

Northern New Mexico Independent Electrical Contractors Website


Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico

They catalyze teacher excellence through recognition, professional development, and community engagement. We Redesigned this website and fell in love with the organization. Maresa is now proud to volunteer to help them with marketing and development.

Executive Director, Pam Powers writes: “I worked with Maresa on our website redesign and feel fortunate to have met her.  Not only is she an incredible website designer, but she also encouraged me to rethink how we present our nonprofit and strategies that will help us to grow. She brings an incredible portfolio of resources that she has shared from her longtime associations in the community and extensive board of directors experience. I highly recommend Maresa and Constellation Creative!”